Having a solid agricultural and logistical infrastructure is the gateway to economic growth in most developing countries. Therefore, we are dedicated to expanding opportunities and creating local jobs

Having a solid agricultural and logistical infrastructure is the gateway to economic growth in most developing countries. Therefore, we are dedicated to expanding opportunities and creating local jobs.


Agriculture management

Jampur has been active in Agriculture for over 30 years buying and selling a variety of different products including; rice, cooking oil, corn, vanilla, nuts, cocoa, and gum arabica In developing countries, particularly African countries, agriculture is one the earners in a country’s GDP. Having a solid agricultural and logistical infrastructure is the gateway to economic growth in most developing countries. Therefore we believe in expanding opportunities and creating local jobs to improve the quality of life for citizens. To increase agricultural production we deliver

  • maize, wheat, soya, and other similar essentials for the food reserve.
  • fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides to encourage reliance on indigenous produce. consumable items like noodles, cookies, edible oil etc;
  • Genetically modified seeds that maximise crop output and prevent disease and infections.
  • Agricultural equipment such as tractors, machinery, spare parts
  • Chemicals and packaging used in processing
  • establishing tractor assembly lines and coffee beans processing.



Jampur Group believes that smart farming can change the future of Africa. We promote sustainable solutions that will help yield the most profitable and eco-friendly products and equipment. Jampur Group has conducted market research with a team of highly trained geologists and biologists. We now operate fertilizer blending plants, that produces the highest quality fertilizer that is tailored to the African crops and climate.

Additionally, Jampur offers a wide range of equipment that helps farmers reduce costs and create a sustainable seasonal yield. Some of the other farming equipment we provide include: cutters and shredders, harvesting equipment, loaders, seeding equipment, tillage equipment, scraper systems, and an vast array of tractors. Our products are tried and true to helping farmers achieve the yields they seek.


Poultry Slaughterhouse

Over the last decade, Jampur has been able to formulate an efficient and sustainable poultry value chain model. There is an increasing demand for local chickens throughout Africa that is unmet. Jampur Group sends a team of qualified individuals to conduct the initial feasibility report for the local and regional community. Once this is done, there is a clear map of the assembly line drawn up to tailor to the exact needs of local population. We provide a beginning to end wholistic approach that cultivates the help of local farmers to provide essential inputs, and grows the eggs from hatchery all the way to maturity for slaughtering. Our methods are compliant with international standards and ensures safe practices. Once the bird is slaughtered, we are able to retain the poultry for a longer period of time by utilizing our cold storage facilities. Our model not only helps feed local communities at an affordable price, but also helps to employee and train hundreds of individuals.

Fish Farming

Jampur Group has several active fish farms throughout Africa. Our farms breed various highly demanded fish within an eco-friendly encloser. Through fish farming, we are able to monitor what kind of food and substances the fish are consuming. This helps significantly decrease the number of diseases and mercury that is left in the fish when the end consumer ingests the fish. Jampur Group’s fish farms allow for local populations throughout Africa to have access to clean, fresh, and nutrient fish, at the fraction of the price of other market fish. Farmed fish are more efficient at converting feed into protein for human consumption than most other meats, including beef, poultry, or pork.


A to Z solutions

Whether our clients are trying to achieve savings or an
. effective herbicide resistant weed elimination strategy, we are
capable to provide the correct products and solutions. We
understand the challenges that many farmers face in Africa,
including food security and productivity, to natural resources
availability. Our team of biosystem engineers can meet with
you to discuss the best solutions to help maximize each
unique farm’s yields.

Cold Storage

In order to help support farmers and fisheries, Jampur has created our very own cold storage facilities. Regardless of the location, Jampur has the equipment and the expertise to assemble a cold storage facility anywhere in Africa within a matter of weeks. Jampur Group has previously installed and operated cold storage facilities at ports to ensure the longevity of perishable goods. We also utilize our own cold storage facilities at our poultry slaughter houses when our chickens need to be exported. There are countless benefits to installing and utilizing a cold storage facility, some include: lower deterioration rate of perishable foods, temperature controls, lowers the risk of food poisoning, minimizes the hassle of customers purchasing daily perishable goods, enables to store food for a longer period of time. If the location requested by the customer is not equipped to supply the power to support a cold storage facility, Jampur Group can also provide the power required.