We supply both new and pre-owned equipment to our clients’ exact needs. We additionally offer full support of onsite training and ongoing supply of supply parts for the equipment required.

We supply both new and pre-owned equipment to our clients’ exact needs. We additionally offer full support of onsite training and ongoing supply of supply parts for the equipment required.


Equipment management

Jampur Group is able to source a wide range of equipment
in the transport, agriculture, aviation and mining sectors.
According to our client’s needs, we are able to supply both new
and pre-owned equipment. Jampur not only provides the
exact equipment required by our clients, but we additionally
offer full support, onsite training, and ongoing supply of spare parts.


Transportation Equipment

We deliver a highly diversified range of transportation equipment, such as buses, trucks and tuk-tuks, all tailored to our customer’s exact specifications. Once the equipment has been delivered, we offer in depth on site training to the local staff from highly qualified engineers and operators. Additionally, we take care of a continuous supply of spare parts that are readily available.

Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIVs)
Jampur Group represents Firex Fire Fighting Equipment in Nigeria. FIREX is a leading manufacturer of Fire trucks, Rapid Intervention Vehicles and Ambulances based in the UAE. Jampur Group and Firex Fire Fighting Equipment have partnered to propose solutions to modernize the technical ability to protect lives and properties by supplying modern and state of the art Fire Fighting Equipment which ranges from Fire Trucks, Command Vehicles, Rapid Intervention Vehicles and Ambulances and are specially developed for Africa. Our RIVs are equipped for road or airport fast intervention, featuring extrication tools, firefighting systems water and or foam based, DCP or CO2, and medical equipment.

Mining Equipment

The mining industry is an extremely dangerous and risky place. However, Jampur Group aids in helping insure that all our projects and customers mitigate this risk as much as possible. Therefore, we offer mining equipment that is effective, accurate, and reduces any safety hazardous scenarios to those individuals within. Jampur Group can offer the below machinery:
  • Mining Drills
  • Underground loaders and trucks
  • Mechanical cutting equipment
  • Blasting Tools
  • Earth Movers
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Conveying
  • On-line Analysis Equipment
All of our machinery and equipment is top of the line, with the latest technological advancements. Whether our clients need to excavate, transport or process, Jampur’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge mining equipment is designed to increase our customers productivity and boost the bottom line. Whatever your needs are, Jampur Group will help you meet your production targets in a smarter, faster, and more cost -efficient manner.


Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFFs)

Jampur Group is proud of our Security Division, which helps to ensure not only the safety of our customers, but also the populations they protect. We supply Aircraft Rescue Firefighting vehicles (ARFFs) to domestic and international airports throughout Africa. The vehicles we source are custom designed to endure the most hazardous situations, which require a reliable and dependable response. The technology has been specially configured to combat airport emergencies in the most efficient and effective manner. The vehicles come can be manufactured in different configurations based on the needs of the airport: with either 4x4, 6x6, or 8x8 axle configuration.

Baggage Handling Equipment

As part of our Aviation Division, Jampur Group is capable of supplying, installing and operating baggage handling systems. Our systems that we provide can handle both handling baggage from the check-in desk, all the through departures and conveyor belts at arrival terminals. In addition to the baggage handling system and conveyor belts, Jampur can tailor the order to the customers needs. This includes:

  • detection of bag jams
  • volume regulation
  • load balancing
  • bag counting
  • bag tracking


Agricultural Equipment

To increase agricultural output, mechanization is the key to success.
Jampur Group delivers equipment adapted to the local conditions, after
extensive research and testing. Combined with our products, such as fertilizer,
pesticide, and seeds, Jampur Group brings the complete solution to our
clients, allowing for crop output to increase immediately.

Airport Equipment

All types of ports require reliable and efficient equipment.
Jampur Group understands the need for top-of-the-line
equipment to ensure the safety of the local and international
community. We deliver cutting edge apron buses, baggage
handling systems, aerobridges, firefighting equipment, ambulances,
baggage transport solutions, rapid intervention vehicles, and much more.


Marine Equipment

Jampur provides innovative, field-proven technologies and services to complete the toughest projects, regardless of if it is conducted on land or under water. We are committed to finding the most optimal solution for our client’s project requirements. Jampur offers all aspects of maritime equipment, from the cabin, deck and engine of the ship. Off board, Jampur also has a vast array of equipment and technology for harbor and port services. Our brands are sourced from the highest rated, most reliable and economical manufactures around the world.