With strategic local and international partners, we guarantee the best quality products at the lowest and most competitive cost.

With strategic local and international partners, we guarantee the best quality products at the lowest and most competitive cost.


Manufacture management

Jampur Group is committed to developing local production
facilities to reduce the dependency on global imports, aiding local
governments and municipalities to promote the growth of the
economy. Throughout Africa, we have specially designed facilities
to assemble well-known, high quality brands of tractors, transformers,
buses and trucks.
Our projects include the production of Lube Oil, Vegetable Oil, Wood
Charcoal Briquettes, and organic fertilisers. The products are distributed
and sold in the country and exported, creating valuable hard currency for
the country that boosts the overall economy.
With strategic local and international partners, we guarantee the best
quality products at the lowest and most competitive cost. Our model
significantly reduces the high costs of importation and reduces the outflow
of foreign currency.


Agricultural Tractors Assembly

Jampur Group can supply a variety of different fully assembled tractors, like Row Crop Utility, Compact, and Specialty, which range from 22 horse power up to 410 horse power capacity. Our tractors are supplied on a tailored specification basis, with customizations according to our customer’s needs. Our strong logistics capability equips us to supply large quantities of tractors to any location across Africa.

Jampur’s assembly line model allows us to provide hundreds of direct and indirect employment opportunities. This not only benefits the local communities, but also decreases the cost of the tractors significantly. The production mode shall either by SKD or CKD. Jampur ensures that any spare parts are readily available through our strong network of vendors and in house facilities.


Tuk Tuks Assembly

Similar to our Agricultural tractor assembly line,
we are also fully equipped to install either SKD or CKD
in the country of request. Jampur can operate the
production plant with total installed capacity to
generate top of the line mini auto rickshaws.
Jampur ensures that any spare parts are readily
available through our strong network of vendors or
in house facilities. Our Tuk Tuk’s are extremely
robust and built to withstand the hard daily use in
the African climate.

Chicken Slaughterhouses

Over the last decade, Jampur has been able to formulate an
efficient and sustainable poultry value chain model. There is
an increasing demand for local chickens throughout Africa that
is unmet. Jampur Group sends a team of qualified individuals
to conduct the initial feasibility report for the local and regional
community. Once this is done, there is a clear map of the assembly
line drawn up to tailor to the exact needs of local population.
We provide a beginning to end wholistic approach that cultivates
the help of local farmers to provide essential inputs, and grows
the eggs from hatchery all the way to maturity for slaughtering.
Our methods are compliant with international standards and
ensures safe practices. Once the bird is slaughtered, we are able
to retain the poultry for a longer period of time by utilizing our
cold storage facilities. Our model not only helps feed local
communities at an affordable price, but also helps to employee
and train hundreds of individuals.


Shoe Making Factory

Jampur Group hand crafts affordable shoe slippers for the local communities
within Africa. After extensive market research, we understand the regional demands
and preferences for shoes. Jampur has taken this feedback and crafted the perfect
everyday shoe. We cultivate raw materials from local sources to further reduce costs,
and to help promote the local economies. Our shoes are made from virgin polymers
and have been processed in a manner to contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.
Jampur slippers come in various sizes and colors, changing seasonally.

Pre-Paid Water Meters

Jampur supplies a range of water metering solutions,
that similar to our smart electrical meters, enables utilities
to reduce losses and customer to enjoy easy payment comfort.
With the our BOSSMAN water meters, we manufacture in
country as per the requirements of the customer. Our
pre-paid water meters come with meter data management
software. This high tech software allows for utility companies
to fight commercial energy loss.


Electrical Meters

Through decades of working within the power industry, Jampur Group has acquired the knowledge and expertise to manufacture BOSSMAN electrical meters. Through our team of experts, Jampur Group can manufacture the electrical meters within the country of request. This not only allows our customers to cut down on importation costs, but it also helps aid local communities by providing hundreds of job opportunities. Our highly skilled staff trains the local employees the technical know how so they can work with in the factory. Jampur’s BOSSMAN electrical meters are created with a digital platform that allows for the agency to turn on or switch off electricity and monitor the usage of the electricity within a designated time span. By using BOSSMAN meters, utility agencies and consumers benefit in numerous ways:

  • Zero consumer debt
  • No meter reading required
  • Automated disconnection/reconnection
  • Accurate frequent consumer records
  • Reduced electricity consumption (average 20%)
  • No postal address, deposits or bank accounts needed by consumers
  • No billing discrepancies
  • Visible Credit and consumption.

Our electrical meters are completely integrated with all international standards. BOSSMAN comes in integrated 3 phase meters or split single phase meters, with meter and interface through PLC or RF communication.