Jampur has the expertise to advise and supply large scale mining operations with the appropriate equipment needed to insure the safety of all individuals.

Jampur has the expertise to advise and supply large scale mining operations with the appropriate equipment needed to insure the safety of all individuals.



Jampur’s team of top geological engineers, project
managers and resource specialist advance projects
from pre-development through to the production
stages. Jampur is confident in the continued growth of
Africa’s mining industry with many brownfield projects
and potentials for financial prosperity.There is an increasing
rate of global demand for precious metals and materials used
for industrial products in which Africa is abundant with.


Mining management

Jampur Group has a strong history of operating well-established mines, characterized by efficient use of modern equipment, large scale processes and low cost overhead. Our team manages all aspects within the mining industry, focusing on the maximization of the potential of each site. Jampur Group has cultivated a network of technologically advanced instruments to support exploration, mining and processing activities. Through continuously improving our cost and technological performances, we are able to maintain world class environmental and social practices.


Mining Equipment

The mining industry is an extremely dangerous and risky place. However, Jampur Group aids in helping insure that all our projects and customers mitigate this risk as much as possible. Therefore, we offer mining equipment that is effective, accurate, and reduces any safety hazardous scenarios to those individuals within. Jampur Group can offer the below machinery:

  • Mining Drills
  • Underground loaders and trucks
  • Mechanical cutting equipment
  • Blasting Tools
  • Earth Movers
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Conveying
  • On-line Analysis Equipment
All of our machinery and equipment is top of the line, with the latest technological advancements. Whether our clients need to excavate, transport or process, Jampur’s comprehensive range of cutting-edge mining equipment is designed to increase our customers productivity and boost the bottom line. Whatever your needs are, Jampur Group will help you meet your production targets in a smarter, faster, and more cost -efficient manner.

Feasibility Studies

We at Jampur Group understand the importance of having an accurate, well-constructed and efficient feasibility study, one in which is the foundation for a long term pipeline of complex operations. We can dispatch a team of highly trained individuals to conduct the initial development and exploration of mining locations. We construct an informed foresight that ensures maximum utilization of all the resources available. Jampur Group mitigates risk and maximizes value through our comprehensive, independent studies. We offer two types of feasibility studies: order of magnitude and preliminary feasibility.

Order of Magnitude: We offer to do the initial financial appraisal of the site. We use inferred mineral technology to identify key areas of financial benefit. Jampur Group can construct the preliminary mining plan and advise on the advancements of an exploration program.

Preliminary Feasibility: Based on a thorough understanding of underlying issues and decades of knowledge in the field, our experienced team offer technically sound and achievable solutions that consider all associated risks. Our preliminary study helps our clients generate value, maximize profits, and adhere to all reporting and regulatory guidelines within the site’s jurisdiction.