Jampur is equipped for the planning, construction, operation, and repair of powerplants, either from solar, generators or captive and central power Regardless of the terrain or geographic location.

Jampur is equipped for the planning, construction, operation, and repair of powerplants, either from solar, generators or captive and central power Regardless of the terrain or geographic location.


Power management

Jampur’s vast experience and expertise in power makes us one
of the best companies to work with when involved in the procurement,
management, and repair of powerplants. Jampur has over 20 years
of experience procuring, establishing, operating, and managing power
plants throughout Africa. With our worldwide offices we can offer
procurement of power plants from around the world for the purpose
of relocation. We have brought decommissioned power plants back to
operation supplying power to national grids, doing all the repairs and
management inhouse.


Power Plants

Having a strong portfolio of supplying power, Jampur Group has the expertise and capability to acquire, install and operate power plants in any location. We have several power plants that can be mobilized in our warehousing facilities. The power plants can be mobilized upon signed agreement with our customers and installed in the required area within weeks, subject to the surrounding infrastructure. If we do not hold the required MW requirements in our warehouses, we can source any specifications from our trusted and time efficient manufactures.

Solar Panels

Having a global network of manufacturers offering top quality solar power options, Jampur can supply solar power solutions to meet any requirement working with our partners in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With the world transitioning to solar power due to its lower economic and environment costs, Jampur is an ideal partner. Jampur has supplied and installed a number of countries with Solar lights for cities, streets, malls, hospitals, schools, and markets. This significantly reduces wasted energy costs to various municipalities.


Captive and Central Power

Jampur’s captive power plants can provide a localize source of power to any energy user. Our captive power plants can service industrial facilities, large offices, data centers, amongst other large scale end users. The plants can operate in grid parallel mode, with the capability to export the surplus power to the local electricity distribution network. The plants can also work independently of the local electricity distribution systems. Using our central and captive power plants ensures a security of power supply, reduces costs through high fuel efficiency, and improves environmental performance.

Abuja Airport Power Plant

Jampur has established a state-of-the-art captive power plant which supplies energy to the new Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria. Jampur Group supplied, installed, and is in operation of the 25MW, diesel fired stand-alone power plant. The plant has been in operation since 2018 and is running 24/7 to supply uninterruptable power to all airport operations. The Federal Airport of Nigeria is able to utilize the power under a long-term agreement with Jampur Group. For a deeper look into the ongoing operations of the Abuja power plant, kindly refer to the video below.


Electrical Metering

Through decades of working within the power industry, Jampur Group has acquired the knowledge and expertise to manufacture BOSSMAN electrical meters. Through our team of experts, Jampur Group can manufacture the electrical meters within the country of request. This not only allows our customers to cut down on importation costs, but it also helps aid local communities by providing hundreds of job opportunities. Our highly skilled staff trains the local employees the technical know how so they can work with in the factory. Jampur’s BOSSMAN electrical meters are created with a digital platform that allows for the agency to turn on or switch off electricity and monitor the usage of the electricity within a designated time span. By using BOSSMAN meters, utility agencies and consumers benefit in numerous ways: o Zero consumer debt o No meter reading required o Automated disconnection/reconnection o Accurate frequent consumer records o Reduced electricity consumption (average 20%) o No postal address, deposits or bank accounts needed by consumers o No billing discrepancies o Visible Credit and consumption. Our electrical meters are completely integrated with all international standards. BOSSMAN comes in integrated 3 phase meters or split single phase meters, with meter and interface through PLC or RF communication.

Smart Transformers

By fitting all medium voltage transformers with our CT and VT smart meters, we can monitor and consolidate exactly the flow of electricity through the network. Any misuse or technical issue is immediately identified in real time. Jampur Group manufactures direct connection multi-functional three phase smart metering device with modular design. The device includes CT, VT, Box and communication module directly connected to the medium voltage feeder. Jampur’s smart transformer accurately measures electrical energy directly from medium voltage and is a suitable solution for utility companies and industrial customers. With flexible the flexible communication module meter, the smart transformer provides a variety of communication media for remote management and reading. The integrated design, which includes the CT, PT, meter and communication module in one box with direct connection to a MV line, has an excellent anti-tamper feature to help utilities for revenue protection. The result, a truly smart grid!


Maintenance and Repair

Jampur Group has the technical staff of highly trained engineers to maintain and repair any requirement from the customer. We can not only offer the repair of older infrastructure, but Jampur also has the capability of upgrading older utilities to operate in a more efficient manner. By integrated our software technology and repairing older parts, we can virtually upgrade any older machinery to a “newer” model, and at half the cost of replacing it entirely. Our software solutions bring everything together in a comprehensive and easy to manage system. We can the software to any existing system that is already in place.