Jampur Group


Metals and minerals are a part of everyone's daily life.

Jampur's team of seasoned engineering, project management, financial and resource specialists advance projects from pre-development through to production stages.



Jampur's focus is Africa. Our skills and expertise create significant value by project identification and accelerates growth by acquisitions and mitigating risk through diversification.

Our Oil & Gas and Mineral resource investments are focused on responsible development of mining projects. Jampur's team has successfully funded and managed Africa, Asia, South America, Caribbean and Australia mining and exploration projects.

Mining Production


Existing operations are where Jampur adds value through renovations and investing in production capacity increase and complimentary assets such as refining capability and transport solutions.

Mining Integrated Approach

Integrated approach

Jampur's equipment and shipping activities are able to service our mining projects with cost effective and comprehensive equipment and logistics solutions.

Value creation

Value creation

In all our mining projects we work closely with local population, authorities and national governments in full compliance with environmental regulations and share proceeds to ensure everyone benefits.

Jampur creates value through trade sales, retained royalties and listings on appropriate stock exchanges while creating early returns for re-investment.